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FAQs - artisanal gelato


What's the difference between gelato and ice cream?

Nutritious: Gelato has less fat than ice cream, and is milk- not cream-based. It also has less sugar than ice cream, meaning it is lower in calories.

Delicious: The super-cold temperatures of ice cream numb the taste buds, and the high fat content coats them, preventing frozen treat lovers from fully enjoying their desserts.

Gelato's lower fat content and slightly higher temperatures allow consumers to truly enjoy its tastes. It is smoother and creamier than ice cream. In fact, gelato has up to 50% less air than ice cream and is slow-churned, maximizing its deliciousness!

What is artisanal gelato?

Artisanal gelato is made fresh in small batches. Unlike other desserts, artisanal gelato is not stored for months before serving and includes no artificial flavors or colors.

Is your gelato gluten-free?

Our gelato is almost entirely gluten-free. Exceptions include gelato with cookies or biscuits. Wafers or cones served with gelato are not gluten-free. Please contact us with any specific dietary restrictions. 

Does your gelato contain eggs?

Our gelato does not contain eggs, with the exception of Crema (custard) and Tiramisu flavors.

Where do you cater?

Great news! SF Gelateria catering is available all over the San Francisco Bay Area. There is no delivery fee in San Mateo County or in San Francisco. A small delivery fee is added in other counties.

Pre-packaged gelato for self-service and gelato gifts are also available.

You can also find us at festivals and farmer's markets. Contact us or follow us @sfgelateria to find out where we'll be next!

How much does catering cost?

The minimum order for scooping service is $250. Contact us with details of your event to get a full quote. For pre-packaged gelato delivery service (break room and kitchen freezer stock), the minimum order is $150